Finding form. Defining aesthetics. Changing the perspective. All the while still keeping the interface simple and intuitive to use - Communicating the right message is key!


Apparel designs. Key visuals. New website features. Mostly digital, but not afraid to use mixed-media or choose traditional pen & paper - Illustration works in your favor!

Creative Hub

Benefit from experience and experiment! Strong connections between design, development and marketing create a wider scope to tackle new projects - From concept to implementation.

About Me.

I am a designer and illustrator as well as self-educated in various other fields from which I strongly benefit when communicating with clients, colleagues and partners. I am always up for interesting challenges and adapt to new environments quickly.

What drives me is the process of creation itself. Wether to get lost in huge worlds of intricate linework as part of a personal project or develop sleek and exciting webdesign for a client - I am always on an adventurous journey to find the best possible outcome.

Are you looking for a freelancer to help out with stunning visuals? Do you need a designer to occupy the interface between marketing and developement?


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